WWStay is a fast-growing global technology company for accommodation solutions focused on extended stays for corporations and relocation companies. Founded by two widely traveled IT industry leaders, WWStay stemmed from needs that our founders had keenly felt on their extensive travels. Our clients depend on our technological solutions that brings order to manage their demanding and dynamic travel requirements with efficiency and simplicity.

WWStay offers an online booking platform for extended stays for business travel. The usual length of stays are between 3 weeks and 6 months. We also cater to stays longer than 6 months. Our platform is your one stop shop for professionally managed extended stay accommodation. The inventory comprises of professionally manged serviced apartments and apart hotels around the globe. The inventory spans across 170 countries and 5500 cities which is constantly updated and curated. Our focus on ongoing curation of our inventory is to reflect our commitment to duty of care requirements of our clients to ensure the safety and security of their employees.

Temp housing or extended stay requirements usually require apartments that fit preferences to combine amenities such as kitchen and internet access. Most apartments, those that are professionally manged are not easy to find. The online space for professionally managed apartments is very limited. TMCs and OTAs do not specialize in this space. It takes days to locate such apartments. In many instances it is the employee that does the search which may not address duty of care concerns. Check in procedures vary across apartment providers and there is a need for continuous support unique to extended stays.

The online booking platform is designed to cut down the booking time from days to hours. All interactions are online based with an enhanced booking experience. The inventory is only from trusted professionally managed providers makes the selection and booking process seamless.We make the payment process easy with instant trans border payments and offer multiple currency options without any hidden costs. Our unique employee/guest tracking feature enables organizations to have a proactive approach to emergency situations. We offer real time and comprehensive reporting to keep track of savings and expenses. Add to this 24/7 fully services support for travelers throughout their stay.

With offices in the US, the UK and India, WWstay operates in over 170 countries in North America, the UK, mainland Europe, West Asia and Asia Pacific. Our global coverage is rapidly expanding.Today, we are the trusted travel partner to 200+ corporations and relocation companies globally. WWStay is also a serviced apartment provider partner for AMEX GBT. Our corporate clients rely on WWStay to ensure that their employees enjoy hassle-free and productive business travel around the globe enabled by our easy to use technology.