Why you should stay in a serviced apartment for an extended stay?

By  /05 September 2017 | 3 Min Read

There comes the days when a business traveler finds themselves stationed in a new city for months at a time. During these extended stays, it’s important to feel as comfortable as possible. This is why serviced apartments are booming in the corporate housing industry. Serviced apartments are a blend of hotels and house sharing, but can be less expensive when an optimal lease is found during your corporate housing search.

In comparison to a hotel, serviced apartments can offer the same facilities: fitness centers, conference rooms, Wi-Fi, concierge and room services. But, serviced apartments operate in a specialized fashion because their business models are fundamentally geared towards extended stays and the long-term relationship with their clients. Serviced apartments are not extended stay hotels, but rather a home-away-from-home; fully furnished, cleaned and prepped between residents. A corporate housing company has inventory of plenty of these listings that can match what you’re looking for in an extended stay residence.

Additionally, serviced apartments allow you to cut costs by providing private facilities within your apartment. In-unit washers, dryers and your own, personal full kitchen will allow you control of your time and money. They make it so you don’t need to rely on room service to bring your food or wash your clothes, unless you want to. Living costs can be lowered by reducing room service and laundry service, as well.

A business traveler should consider optimal comfort when working in a new city for months at a time. Serviced apartments provide more room to their residents, which makes it more feasible for entertainment and guests. And unlike hotels, serviced apartments add an element of privacy to the business traveler’s business trip. Simply said, a hotel does not provide the proper space or environment for extended stays that can reach up to 6 months.

Hotels or house sharing websites have their own perks, but a business traveler should look into serviced apartments to suit their long-term needs. Look through our corporate housing listings to find a serviced apartment that fits you!

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