• The accommodations and hotels are owned and maintained by Accommodation Providers and will have their own terms and conditions of usage which shall apply to the Traveler.
  • The Booker must be at least 18 years old, be legally authorized to enter into contractual obligations at the time of booking, have the requisite consent or authority to act for or on behalf of any persons included in a booking and must use the Website in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and the Website Terms of Use.
  • The Booker and Traveler agrees that neither them nor their Entities shall not directly or indirectly solicit rates same or similar to that of WWSTAY by quoting WWSTAY from the Accommodation Provider to avail any kind of services without the prior written approval of WWSTAY. For example, Traveler or Booker reaches out to the Accommodation Provider to negotiate based on the rates provided by WWSTAY.
  • The User agrees and acknowledges that WWSTAY does not own the hotels /apartments that it shall book for its Travelers or Bookers. Hence in no event shall WWSTAY be held liable for any loss, damage or injury sustained by the Traveler or Booker or its employees due to or arising out of negligence/lapse in service by accommodation provider, except for negligence/lapse by WWSTAY employees or deficiency in services, attributable to WWSTAY. Any dispute regarding the services provided by accommodation provider shall be taken up directly with the accommodation provider, subject however that WWSTAY shall reasonably assist the Traveler or Booker in resolving such matters.
  • WWSTAY uses in some cases its own credit card for guaranteeing and pre-purchasing the rooms from the accommodation provider. In case the guest has any late check out or incidental charges which was not collected at the time of checkout and the amount is debited to WWSTAY then the amount will have to be duly paid by the Traveler to WWSTAY.
  • Once WWSTAY has received the Traveler’s or Booker’s request for quotation, WWSTAY will, subject to availability, provide quotation on the platform.
  • Confirmation details will be made available on the platform once the booking has been confirmed with the accommodation provider.
  • The user agrees and acknowledges to receive SMS messages regarding hotel bookings made through WWStay.
  • Traveler or Booker shall check the confirmation voucher carefully as soon as the Traveler or Booker receives it and contact the WWSTAY team immediately if any information which appears on the booking voucher or any other document appears to be incorrect or incomplete.
  • WWSTAY will provide the information supplied by the accommodation provider regarding the existence of works of refurbishment or renovation of the establishment, as well as duration thereof. WWSTAY shall not accept claims for works about which it has not been informed or which extend beyond the planned date of conclusion thereof.
  • Most accommodation establishments may request a holding deposit on credit or debit card from Traveler upon arrival at the accommodation for incidental charges incurred during the Traveler’s stay, including but not limited to, long distance telephone charges, room service, resort fees, in-room movies, damage or theft of accommodation provider’s property, mini bar usage and other such accommodation provider’s amenities.
  • WWSTAY will process the cancellation and update the status on the platform within 24 hours of cancellation request. Automated emails will be sent once the cancellation has been confirmed.
  • WWSTAY will proceed with the booking process upon Traveler or Bookers approval on the platform. Payment has to be processed as described under Payments before confirmation of the booking.
  • Due to the special characteristics of the electronic commerce, Booker or Traveler hereby acknowledges the impossibility of handwritten signature for this transaction. Therefore, Booker or Traveler hereby accepts that there is no need for handwritten signature.
  • In some countries, there is a local tax known as "visitors' tax", "city tax" "tourist tax" (or similar) and other fees including (but not limited to) resort fees or service charges, which shall be paid directly by the Traveler at the establishment and/or at the airport. WWSTA Y shall use reasonable endeavors to provide, at the time of booking, an estimation of the applicable fees and/or local tax(es) attributable to each individual booking and payable at the time of booking and/or locally on arrival ("Local Tax/Fee Estimation"), however please note that WWSTA Y does not warrant that the Local Tax/Fee Estimations shall be accurate and the Booker or Traveler acknowledges and agrees that the Local Tax/Fee Estimations are provided as estimates only. The Booker or Traveler further acknowledges that Local Taxes and Fee Estimations may change from time to time. As a result, WWSTA Y cannot be held liable for any loss, costs or damages incurred as a result of the provision of such Local Taxes/Fee Estimations. Confirmation of and the accuracy of the Local Taxes/or Fee Estimations is ultimately the responsibility of the Traveler.
  • The categories of the hotels/apartments have been provided by the establishments themselves and in accordance with specific regulations applicable in each country. A hotel/apartment in one country, therefore, may not be similar in terms of services and quality to a hotel in another, despite belonging to the same category.


  • Our clients are the sole Controller of Personal Data of travelers staying in your property. You will process Personal Data of data subjects you access according to our instructions. If you collect any additional data from travelers, you will be controller for the data. The scope of our instructions for the processing of Personal Data of data subjects you access is defined by this Agreement. You and we will comply with all European Economic Area (“EEA”) data protection laws and regulations (collectively, the “Data Protection Laws”) in performance of the Services. For providing accommodation to our traveler, you require all personnel authorized to process Personal Data of data subjects to commit themselves to confidentiality and not process Personal Data of data subjects for any other purpose, except on instructions from us or as required by applicable law. You agree to ensure compliance with the security measures and have technical and organizational security measures to safeguard personal data of travelers.


  • We will keep your personal data confidential and limit access to your personal data to your/your organisation's globally approved TMC(s), global security partner(s) or third parties who specifically need it to conduct their business activities, except as otherwise permitted by applicable law. We refer to industry standards and use reasonable administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure. Your / your organisation's globally approved TMC or security company who is authorised to process your personal data on your behalf is expected to follow industry standard data security measures. We share your personal data with third parties only where we have been previously informed or authorised by you/your organisation, like your globally approved TMC(s), global security partner(s) like iSOS, Anvil, etc. or any other third parties required to conduct their business activities. This is in connection with our efforts to reduce fraud or criminal activity, or as permitted by law.


  • Traveler or Booker need to have a valid email id from customer’s Group domain to access the platform provided by WWSTAY to book accommodations. A list of all valid domains must be provided by the client.
  • The Traveler or Booker shall use all reasonable measures to ensure to strictly comply with i) all governing laws and regulations applicable to the Traveler with respect to use of the Services; ii) the terms and conditions imposed by any hotel or accommodation owner as a condition to the booking.


  • i) Access codes (usernames and passwords) to this program shall be given by WWSTAY to each Traveler and/or Booker
  • ii) After initial access codes are used for the first time to access the WWSTAY booking service, each registered Traveler or Booker MUST change his/her personal password periodically to maintain absolute confidentiality, preference, and independence when operating.
  • iii) Access codes provided by WWSTAY are for the sole use of each Traveler and/or Booker; no access code use may be transferred or disclosed to third parties
  • iv) Each Traveler and/or Booker is directly responsible for the use of its own access codes, which must not be shared with other users nor disclosed by any means. In the event of improper use thereof, such access codes shall be withdrawn; sales will immediately be stopped, and fraudulent bookings will be canceled. In the event WWSTAY or Client detects the fraudulent or improper use of the access codes by the Traveler or Booker, WWSTAY reserves the right to take any legal action pursuant to the protection of its legitimate interest and claim the cancellation costs of the fraudulent bookings from Traveler and/or Booker.


The Traveler or Booker shall pay for bookings as per below terms:

  • Payment will be due and charged 5 days prior to the cancellation deadline provided with the quotation. Such payment will be guaranteed by a valid credit card at the time of booking.
  • For long stay (exceeding four (4) weeks): a monthly advance payment for every subsequent month needs to be made by the Traveler or Booker to WWSTAY. All such bookings shall be guaranteed with a valid credit card at the time of the booking


  • Any extensions, postponements, cancellations or any other change in a reservations request, regarding the stay at the hotel, apartment or other lodging must be communicated to WWSTAY using the booking platform at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the accommodation provider’s terms and conditions. Such extensions, postponements, cancellations or any other changes of the booking requests may lead to change in rates of the bookings and penalty charges in certain cases as per the cancellation policy of accommodation provider’s as informed to the Traveler or Booker at the time of booking. All such charges shall be incurred by the Traveler and/or Booker.
  • Cancellation: Cancellation policy shall be as communicated to the Traveler or Booker (including its Bookers) by WWSTAY at the time of booking and shall be strictly adhered to by them. In the event of cancellations after the payment is made by the Traveler or Booker, the eligible amount shall be refunded back to the Traveler or Booker after deducting the cancellation charges. All refunds to the Traveler or Booker shall be made to the payment mode used at the time of booking within 7 days after the cancellation. However, in the event the Traveler or Booker cancels the booking before making any payments, WWSTAY shall be entitled to raise an invoice on the Traveler or Booker for the cancellation charges (if any).
  • Generally, cancellations charges which may be applicable shall vary according to destination, dates and accommodation provider. These charges are governed by cancellation policy disclosed at the time of booking and on the Confirmation Voucher.
  • If for exceptional reasons the cancellation is not made via the system, it must be sent in writing to WWSTAY detailing the destination and booking number. WWSTAY shall send an acknowledgment of receipt and inform of all the charges, if any, which may be applicable. The Traveler or Booker shall be responsible for obtaining the confirmation and/or acknowledgment of receipt of the cancellation of the booking by Traveler or Booker. Any charges for cancellations made directly by the Traveler or Booker with the accommodation provider which is charged by the accommodation provider to WWSTAY shall be paid, in turn by the traveler or Booker to WWSTAY.